As Co-Directors of the Red Door Gallery [on fraser] we thank you for your expression of interest and welcome your application to present your work with us. Being prepared to exhibit your artwork(s) at our gallery is the next important step and we would like to help you get started by providing you with a step-by-step-guide to ensure you are ready.

As an exhibiting artist it is important to understand that people buy art for many reasons and it can be a very subjective experience.  Some patrons  are motivated to purchase art to support the visual arts movement and there are serious art enthusiasts who buy for investment and others for social status. However, for most, the motivations are ‘closer to home’ and more likely to be, because

  • They can identify with the artwork(s).
  • There is an emotional connection to the artwork(s)
  • They wish to decorate their home
  • They know and follow the artist and/or
  • Wish to purchase for a gift for someone else

When you plan for an exhibition there are many factors to bear in mind to ensure a successful showcase of your work and ability. It is a shared responsibility between you and the gallery  to attract visitors to see your exhibition. As you prepare ahead it is of consequence to consider

  • Who might purchase your work?
  • What gallery space would be most suitable?
  • How do you envisage your art being displayed?
  • How do you wish to promote yourself and
  • How do you sell your work?


At the outset your negotiations with the us at the Red Door Gallery [on fraser] determines how your exhibition plans will flow. Once your ARTIST EXPRESSION OF INTEREST  has been approved and the date(s) secured the first step has been taken. Due to a growing demand to join the Red Door Gallery Exhibition Program, exhibition dates are non-negotiable once confirmed however in extenuating circumstances, if given advance notice we may be able to re-arrange. Communication is imperative between the time of booking and exhibition time. All administration must be completed and forwarded to us by mail or email and the following details need to be considered

  • Secure and confirm a date that is achievable to complete a compliment of artwork(s). N.B. The Red Door Gallery Exhibition Program rotates every four weeks
  • Choose a title for your exhibition
  • Arrange an opening date
  • Choose titles for each artwork
  • Decide how many artwork(s) you want to exhibit
  • Measure your artwork{s} and negotiate the hanging/display space
  • How would you like to curate your exhibition?
  • Are you going to sell unframed pieces, prints and other merchandise e.g. cards, accessories?
  • Check to see that your artwork(s) are insured.
  • Is your insurance policy current?
  • As you finish each piece, consider your retail price. N.B. The Red Door Gallery commission of 30% will be added on to each artwork.


It is important to consider that your artwork(s) are completed, ready for display and presented professionally. The Red Door Gallery [on fraser] is a privately-owned commercial gallery and we stipulate that all artwork(s) and craft are unique, of high quality and reflective of our reputation in the region as a gallery of ‘fine arts’. Please consider the following points to ensure you are ‘gallery ready’.

  • Do your artwork(s) need framing?
  • Are your frames appropriate for your artwork(s)? N.B. The Red Door Gallery acknowledges that framing can be expensive, however is unable to accept unprofessional framing unless intentionally required for the artwork(s).
  • Are the frames clean and scratch free?
  • How does the back of your work appear?
  • Are the canvasses finished off and painted around the edge ?
  • Has each artwork been signed?
  • Is the glass polished and clean?
  • Are your artwork(s) wired ready for hanging?
  • Complete the ARTIST INVENTORY
  • and forward to us 7 days  ahead of your exhibition date. Bring a copy along with your artwork(s) on delivery.
  • Create Certificates of Authenticity for your artwork(s) in the event of a sale. (See attached sample) template.
  • Provide the gallery with information about yourself and an Artists Statement relevant to the exhibition 7 days ahead of your exhibition date.


The Red Door Gallery advertises in a range of regional publications, on our website and social media platforms. We can also arrange to have printed material for you  to distribute within your networks to promote your exhibition. PROMOTION AND ADVERTISING To assist us with promotion, we encourage artists to provide us with high resolution  photographs of each artwork. These can be used for a range of promotional strategies, leading up to and throughout the exhibition.  The onus is on you as the artist to promote yourself and your exhibition, so we advise you commence a social media campaign by posting photos of your artwork regularly and send out invitations at least 3 weeks in advance of your exhibition date.


Your artwork(s) are precious, and many hours of work have gone into each piece. It is  important that your work is delivered to the gallery damage free, adequately wrapped or in purpose made carry bags and each piece clearly marked.  You may also have instructions that need to be included on delivery. Arrange a time for delivery and ensure you have every piece identified and listed on the ARTIST INVENTORY


  • Who would you like to come and see your exhibition?
  • Would you like to send out personal invitations for opening night?
  • Prepare an email list of people you would like to invite
  • Decide what information is needed on the invitation card. You want to showcase at least one artwork, obviously also the title, date and place of the exhibition, and all information about the opening (where, when, who). Also include how long  the exhibition runs for and what are the opening hours of the gallery.
  • Ensure your address lists are up to date
  • Send out a first digital invitation via email, Facebook and/or Instagram at least three weeks prior to exhibition date
  • Send out a reminder to your networks one week before the show


 Now that you are ready, it is time to plan your exhibition opening. By arrangement the Red Door Gallery [on fraser]can provide the catering and  promote the event through the gallery networks. To ensure your exhibition launches successfully the following preparations need to be considered

  • Decide on your opening time.
  • How would you like your event catered? CATERING
  • Would you like entertainment or background music.
  • Who will open your exhibition?
  • Engage a photographer for the exhibition
  • Prepare handouts such as your Art C.V. and business cards
  • Do you want to have a guestbook for the event?
  • Welcome your guests and enjoy the show


 Your exhibition is underway. We will take care of day-to-day art sales  for you at the gallery. Ensure that you have completed and submitted your ARTIST AGREEMENT FOR GALLERY SALES.  If you have agreed to provide ‘artist in resident’ demonstration(s), ensure that you have confirmed dates/times that you will be in the gallery and what you will need to work. In the interim, continue to promote your exhibition within your networks and arrange to bring visitors to the gallery.


 Once your exhibition is complete there are some important things to attend to, to conclude your time at the gallery. Your work will be dismantled at an agreed date

  • Confirm a ‘pick up date and time with the gallery. N.B. The Red Door Gallery does not store artwork(s)
  • Write a personal thank you letter to all your guests
  • Send out a thank you post with plenty of photos on your social media networks
  • Send out artist’s folders with Certificates of Authenticity to buyers or arrange for the gallery to include at point of sale
  • Forward information within your networks about the success of the show (with photos)
  • Keep all visitors updated with new works and exhibitions at least twice a year
 Featured image  courtesy of Christine Lethlean 




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