12th April – 4th May 2018 Completed)

diversion – a definition
  1. the action of turning something aside from its course.


Throughout the month of April 2018 three very talented artists, John Junor, Sandra Tobias and Yoshi Machido make their creative mark at the Red Door Gallery on fraser Thursday – Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm and runs from 12th April to 6th May, including throughout  the Clunes Booktown Festival


Individually recognised within the artist community the work of each artist is sought by ardent art collectors we feel very honoured to have been invited to host the ‘Diversions’ Exhibition in rural C.lunes in the Central Goldfields of Victoria.


The opening of the exhibition was scheduled for 7th April and was well attended by family, friends and local art enthusiasts. The standard of the work on display was a reflection of the professionalism of each artist and their collective experience.


E6ADD61F-D92D-4B29-9414-DA394F6949FEThe ‘Diversions’  Exhibition celebrates a bringing together of oils on canvas, print on paper, carved wood, ceramics and sculpture  highlighting the diverse paths each artist had taken to individually produce each piece of  their work.

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General enquiries

  • Mobile 1: 0438 966 855
  • Mobile 2: 0408 034 017
  • Email:

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