March 10th – April 10th 2018 – (Completed)

March 8th saw in the opening of the 2018 Textile Palette Exhibition at the Red Door Gallery on Fraser in the historic village Clunes. Approx 60 guests including several of the artists gathered to celebrate the occasion.


Coniciding with the annual Quiltessentially Clunes Stitching Retreat the exhibition was of great interest to those who were visiting Clunes for the weekend event and the Red Door Gallery [on fraser] was also an added venue of interest to art collectors with a penchant for difference.


Now into its third year the annual ‘ Textile Palette’ Exhibition  is growing in reputation. This years event was very successful with many visitors, arts sales and commissions. Congratulations to the 17 artists for the variety of work on display and compliments to you all for the positive commentary and visitor curiosity throughout the month of April.


The standard of work was intriguing  and diverse in techniques and included a range of framed, draped and sculptured works, soft furnishings, furniture, fashion accessories and  vintage nursery  keepsakes.


A principle that underpinned most of the work in this years exhibition was the use of repurposed and upcycled resources.


Acknowledgement to the following artists for their participation ;

Melanie Hill • Rosy Hardress •  Joanna Thomas • Jacqui Marshall • Lois Nichols • Nasci Lethlean • Maureen Thomas • Jenny Gamble • Di Hare • Christine Lethlean • Noni Sutcliffe • Jeannie King • Deb McCardle • Sally Darlison • Jen  Parkin • Teresa Glenn • Christine Hickson






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