Highly accomplished artist Sally Davis features in the most recent exhibition at the Red Door Gallery on fraser. Her work is a collection of current and retrospective pieces and mixed themes.


Inspired by the layers of light  seen in windows, mirrors and glass  surfaces,  Sally’s most recent work has a significant focus on reflection.  Painting with oils on canvas her figurative technique brings the layers of light and subsequent depth into her work.


With an appreciation for all things ‘vintage’ on a recent trip to the West coast of the USA, Sally was inspired by a resurgence of the ‘steam punk’ movement. In particular the shop window ‘models and busts. Influenced by the reflections through the glass windows  she completed a series of works interpreting  both the muse and the play on light in oils.

Sally had exhibited widely and has been the recipient of several awards acknowledging her style and technique.  She has several pieces in this current body of work  of children. Her play with natural light and ability to apply focus to features such as hair make these  pieces so enchanting . 5D36103D-E8C2-49A8-A1A3-CE4CEB81CD31

In recognition of the final three pieces taken from her Mothers collection  of photographs from the early 60s, Sally has interpreted the era with precision. The colours, the fashion, the austere environ of the time have been perfectly captured and technique she has used to achieve the believable   ‘vintage’ appearance has been beautifully mastered. C3ECDE64-F7DD-4D21-A1F9-8B12E7CEDED1E61EF721-58BB-4759-A483-747E3C35BD3EE8852F8A-60B5-460A-A508-C823219B25EB

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