Joanna Thomas  is a contemporary artist with 25 years’ experience, having widely exhibited. Some of her work is held in overseas collections.3EE06D36-104B-446E-854F-4383FF4EEDE5 The Red Door Gallery on fraser, invites you to view her most recent works. Each piece is highly detailed with an overlay of Chinoiserie design, embodying vases and vessels representing individuals, experiences and  lives. 5A74D96D-C839-4A9D-B987-E58586FAF407

Joanna’s work bursts with colour and vibrancy and this current exhibition has a feminine edge.

729C31E6-086D-433E-AE82-6B15F4F26BFBHer  work, acrylic on canvas is unique, layered and each piece is created with a  depth of meaning and an interpretive explanation.141604A6-4EF4-49D6-8C83-25ED06CC5298

Using textile art modalities, exquisite fabrics and creative stitching techniques, Joanna transforms aspects of her canvas work into soft furnishings.BF15E335-37D1-4E8C-89B3-19CCE03BFC91

The Red Door Gallery has a selection  of Joanna’s pillows and cushions  for sale in the giftware range.2DB6FD1C-780C-417A-BDFD-0479F50E4200B017F817-D5C2-40C2-9305-4D41B00A6424


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